Sunday, February 2, 2014

O mother, my dear mother!

Translation of අම්මා අම්මා අම්මා
Translated by Niluka Kadurugamuwa

A child, being prevented from talking to his mother who is taken away hand-cuffed in the court premises, cries aloud. – a news item

My mother is being dragged away
Her hands are but cuffed
Dark skinned, fat-bellied guards
Prevent me from going to her

O mother, my dear mother!
Who told me sweet tales day and night,
Who fed me with rice and porridge
Cooked with great love

Shines the moon in the sky like a plate of gold
Filled with breast milk that you fed
However hungry I may be O mother
I never will beg for that milk

O mother, my dear mother!
Take me unto thee
Shall I sever those chains
Biting with my milky teeth?

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