Thursday, February 6, 2014

I never call you, to say ‘Happy birthday’……!

Random spasms of muscles
Between my stomach and the chest
Reminds me, from time to time
Of your leaving
I feel a lump in my throat
Yet, this is your birthday

Why the pond is stirred this much
When sprays of vivid flowers in bloom
Here and there
When no word has spoken ever
Why now, oh why now!
Thinking of a love; has gone for a decade

The way you walked away
The way you stopped and waited
All that time
What was in your heart?
A laugh?
A sarcasm?

Couldn't we be lovers?
Though we have never walked together

Yet; this is your birthday
I never call you, to say
‘Happy birthday’……!

Translation of 'ඒ වුනත් අද ඔබේ උපන් දිනය'
Translated by Manel K. R. Fernando

Picture Courtesy - 'An officer and a gentleman' movie

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  1. Thanks Shasika. It is beautiful when I read it in your blog. :)