Friday, February 7, 2014

‘I still love you’!

Cities and roads
I have never seen
Are in the background of your photos
Yet, I don’t feel
How faraway you are

‘In a valley, adorned with waterfalls
Along a path, strewn with roberosia petals
Staring at the small spot lights
That emerged; through the window
In the long nights; spent awake’

You are closer now, than then!
I want to feel

I remember holding the frozen receiver
In my trembling hand
And I remember mumbling the words
Words you couldn’t understand

Yes, my face gets blushed even now
And not forgotten at all ;
Your harsh words and the blame

There is a smile; a smile never fades away
Dancing in my mind
Reminds me and telling me
‘I still love you’!

Translation of මං හිතන්නේ තව ම මං ආදරෙයි කියා
Translated by Manel K. R. Fernando

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