Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Diary,

at my chamber
Dear Diary,

I wanted to pen something what often clouds my heart nowadays. Yet why should I tell you it public helping them to enjoy on our sorrow. Now, I am skeptical about everything of my life, including 'karma' in a way, not happened before. Yes, It is unfair paying this life time for what we have done in prior lives. but, I know, if I liked or not, this is a journey, a long achieve.

We are just alone walkers in it. Nobody with us.

So, dear one, time will be so wasteful sorrowing and leaving. Even without hopes, we can add colours into our life paintings. Hunting, hunting, hunting every dew to the sleet of happy.. believing that colours can speak more eloquently than letters, I started to paint every aspect of the life, what I always did in my school time. Without the concentration, we are not able to complete a great one, exactly like we can't achieve our destination without a well-meditated mind. Right, Everything was absurd as well as 'baliroopa'. 

Many people are just 'baliroopa'.
but, a concentrated mind can divide every nature of these 'baliroopa' into colours and turn to signs like a 'kamatahan'. Just because people are of multi colours, mono-colours, mixed colours and of colours which are unable to identify as calling this colour. They are simply polychromatic which is tricky to colorize into a single colour of humanity that would hunt a new socio-philosophical approach to create social harmony and integration.

So, dear diary,

Amidst maple leaves and acorns
May I leave the summer or autumn?
I want to be wet
in the unremitting rain....yeah

Being discreet about the life, stepping on it's lanes, with happy,

I'm yours,

[pic. - 

(1) Atelier miguel angel recoba
(2) Viktoria Prischedko]

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