Wednesday, May 8, 2013

August gust with flower petals,

Jean Mannheim, Our Wisteria

August gust
With flower petals,
Where is the mountain
Off to the mist

Among the tree hands
Peeping a head
Blossom scented breeze
A sighing song to be dead

Erased foot prints
Under the leaves
Between summer and autumn
What is this gloomy eve?  

Pic. - Jean Mannheim, American, 1861 - 1945

1 comment:

  1. Manel K R Fernando :
    Things like this
    often happens
    not to worry,
    the mother nature
    will again
    make sense!

    කඳු :
    I wish its magical things
    with my little moist wings!!

    Manel K R Fernando :
    everything is magical
    we just have to be logical..!

    කඳු :
    If you can say in this way
    hard to interpret the ray
    of our gloomy darkest day
    This is what I want to say!