Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Translation of "අපි අලුත් ආදර කතාවක් වෙමු"

Translation of "අපි අලුත් ආදර කතාවක් වෙමු"
Translated by Kalpana Ambrose


Let’s be the rains fall in to middle of the woods
Let’s be the deserts and mountains
Let’s sometimes be the Stormy waves
Or may be let’s walk in silence
Come on to my heart
Let’s be a new legend of love…

You rise like a moon
Kissing my oceanic heart
Oh! Come on,
Let’s be a leaf getting wet in the rains
Our love is written on the sea waves
You are gorgeous like the ocean
The ocean that endures everything
You have already become me..
And I want to die in your arms
Flowers will bloom in valleys for us
Come let’s walk towards the plains

Picture Courtesy - 'Australia' Movie

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