Sunday, July 12, 2015

How immortal it is to recline on a mountain top

It is uncomfortable to immerse
In the company of the masses;
How immortal it is to recline
On a mountain top?
And to die in the middle of a forest
Or the bank of a creek?

How smooth your hands are
O thou the tree?
How charming the tender sands are
Studded with the red gems of Lucky Seed tree?
Even the hoot of an owl;
Doesn’t it sooth your ear?

Even the call of a curlew
Who takes to the summer sky;
Even the question of a mountain
That asks whether to throw
The turban of a gurgling brook
On to the canopy of trees.

Translation of
කොතරම් අමරණීයද කඳු ඉසක වැතිරීම
Translated by Niluka Kadurugamuwa
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Copyright by ФЁДОР

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