Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bitter Chocolate and Golden Ring!!

  • කඳු 

    Snow won't bloom in winter again
    to unripe a forbidden dream
    seeing, what’s the last stop
    of every stream
    in the losing ways to sea

    Are not you hearing the voice of Dead Sea?
    Dead Sea's still moaning
    Waiting the drops of love
    Will silenced waves bring an answer roaring
    of thousand words of unsaid things
    thousand colours of unseen things
    before withering concealed warmth
    Then What my sorrowful heart wishes…
    as a mellow love?

  • Manel K R Fernando  yes,
    those waves, unable to scream
    always whisper you a story
    always paint a picture with vivid colours
    and make you wonder....!

  • කඳු   

    My beloved..,

    It will be the divine painting of love

    The love of solitude

    The love which is attached as well detached

    Whisper all your colourful letters

    I will listen the impossible

    and I need to die in a gorgeous way

    My beloved...!!

  • Manel K R Fernando
    Oh! my darling!
    Love as such...!
    I am blessed with
    thank you, thank you
    thank you much!

  • කඳු   Don't..
    Don't be thankful.. to eternal love
    It brings a magical bliss of life
    Without any praise
    Come to the foot of tree
    Wandering calmed breeze
    and hug me, my beloved...!!

  • Manel K R Fernando Well
    I'll close my eyes
    following my etenal bliss
    to a place
    where nobody can see
    where nobody can hear
    feeling the tranquility
    as light as a feather
    I will float
    towards thee...!

  • කඳු   ha..
    Come my eagle wing
    Embracing the secret smell
    With a bitter chocolate
    and a golden ring..!!!

  • Manel K R Fernando ohhh.... why?
    why did you break my meditation?
    reminding me of those things
    bitter chocolates
    and golden rings...

  • කඳු  hm..
    Shall we make an arbitration?
    I missed your code of postal chain
    eating chocolates, sweets alone
    You can keep that golden ring...

  • Manel K R Fernando OK...OK...
    chocolate for you
    ring for me..

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