Friday, January 17, 2014

I am dating someone, even though I'm married.

In the heavenly vault
It's garden with stars
Alike his caress
kept my top knot hairs

His not soft palms
Aloned a poetess' soul?
How can I be calm

Beside you, sweet balm

From the morn to eve
Erasing all heart grieve
Often pen you missive
Without breathing to live

Oh, I am dating someone
Someone is my husband
Even though, not single
Long to be his bangle

A poorrrrrr poem :P :P

Picture - Willem Haenraets


  1. Why mar your beautiful thoughts by trying to place them within a frame of rhyme ?

    1. I am not clever in English poetry :)
      Usually English words come into my head when I am doing things very fast. Sort of running, cooking, cleaning.. Then it automatically comes with a rhythm. May be, I shouldn’t write them.